Can Cats Eat Pork – Is it Bad For My Cat?

It might be a question that is pork edible for cats and cats can eat pork. Many studies and articles on cats and pork showed an overview with evidence and corroboration with veterinarians. In this article, we have analysis, research and advice from vets about pork. Is pork bad for cats and can cats eat pork?

No, Cats Can’t Eat Pork. Feeding a small amount of cooked pork is the best alternative to chickens, lamb, and beef. The biggest disadvantage of giving pork is that it’s high fat content can lead to weight gain if overconsumed by cats. Pork for cats is only served as a treat or reward and it should come from the leanest cuts. 

Are there any side effects of pork for cats? Besides fat, pork is also high in sodium which is also bad for cats if they consume too much. Without any knowledge feeding excessive sodium(pork) in your cat diet can cause hypernatremia. In case, your cats require medical treatment and it can be a dangerous situation for them. 

Pork is known as a notorious food because it carries parasites, so it is cooked properly for cats and fed in small portions.

Can Cats Eat Pork or Ham?

Can Cats Eat Pork

Ham or pork meat is safe for cats to eat. What it should be depends upon how much you give it to your kitty. Eating small amounts of pork has maximum benefits for cats. Your cats get nutritions from pork. 

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100 grams(3.5 ounces) of pork included 297 calories, 25 grams of protein, 20 grams of fat but it’s high in sodium(60mg) content. As a pork for cats, overall, it’s high in calories, protein, and fat but low in carbohydrates, sugar and fiber. Naturally pork has sodium so eating too much pork by cats can have high chances of illness or diseases

As a cat owner, you should care about your cat diet, meal or food. It’s better for you to make a diet chart with the help of a vet. It can help you a lot. Many cat owners don’t understand what cats can eat. So, the best idea is to show love for cats by giving food that is always fresh and healthy. 

Parts of pork or ham have great nutritional benefits such as raw, chopped pork, cooked pork, bones, rinds or skins(crackling), liver, and sausage pork. Is pork parts or ham recommendable for cats and kittens? Let’s know the facts of each one:

Raw Pork

Technically, cats can eat raw pork. As a primary food pork is not recommended for cats and kittens. uncooked, raw, smoked, and salted pork meat are bad for cats to eat because it’s high in sodium which is bad for cats . Also, cats can’t eat pork that has smoke flavors, preservatives and nitrates.

After eating excess amounts of raw pork, cats can face trichinellosis and tularemia. So, it is best for you to feed the right amount of pork and know what type of pork can cats eat.

Pork Chops

Cats and kittens can’t eat pork chops because they contain sodium and fat that are not needed much for balanced health. Feed prok alternatives to cats like chicken without cones and lactose free milk.

Although pork chops are high in protein and recommendable amounts of fat for cats, feeding them can develop high chances on cats’ health and wellness. Feeding safe human food that cats can eat by vets is a fine and healthy option. 

Cooked Pork

Cooked pork is a healthy treat for cats and cats can easily digest it. Studies prove that pork has many parasites, which is bad for cats but after cooking it can automatically kill or finish. Giving small treats of cooked pork meat can be safe and cats get essential nutrition they need. 

Trichinella spiralis is a parasitic species found in omnivorous and carnivorous animals such as pigs and pork. So, advice before your vet if your cats eat too  much pork meat compared to other cats.

Pork Bones

No, pork bones are dangerous for cats. It’s hard and not easy chowing down for our feline friends. Also, after eating it cats can face intestinal upset, vomiting and diarrhea.

Although pork bones contain calcium, both cats and humans do not digest bones. There are many studies that show bones are bad for cats and us. 

Pork Rinds Or Skins

Pork rinds or Crackling are fried skin of pork. It’s not good for our cats and kittens but it’s not all bad for adults. If kittens eat it may cause digestion and vomiting issues. 

Also, pork rinds or skin doesn’t add any type of nutritional benefits for cats. Overall, it’s a waste of pork and not good for felines.

Pork Liver

All livers such as pork, and beef contain vitamin A which is good for cats. Too much vitamin A can affect your cat bones. 

Is pork liver as good as beef liver? Both liver contain more nutrients than any muscle meat.  Beef liver has fewer calories than pork liver and no side effects of food poisoning of beef liver.

Pork Sausage

Small quantities of pork sausage is ok for cats to consume. Also, be careful to put in lower fat, and sodium sausage made with chicken or turkey only, not pork. So, pork sausage is not recommended for kittens and cats.

Also, such sausages of pork, chicken, and turkey contain salt which is bad for cats’ health. Be careful of your cat because feeding too much salt can develop multiple health problems.

Cat Food With Pork

In the market, many cat foods are available with pork as a primary ingredient. Are those foods edible for cats and kittens? Yes, quality cat foods brands create their cat foods with pork flavored or pork free and all approved by FDA and Affco. 

  • Pork Flavored Cat Food: Many cats love cat food with pork, if you plan to buy we recommend Royal Canin Renal With Pork cat food which contains pork as an ingredient and a tasty and delicious flavored treat. 
  • Cat Food Without Pork: If you want pork free cat food search on google and you got kind of food with a brand list. Purina, Hill’s, Royal Canin without pork cat food can be your best pickup because these brands have made quality cat food for the last few years. Thousands of customers trust their brands.

Also, It is best for you to select cat food after checking ingredients like pork free and other healthy ingredients. A natural dry and wet cat food without pork can be best for your cats, if your cat doesn’t want pork in their meal. 


Why can’t cats have pork?

As a treat, pork is high in meat and can be eaten by cats. But, as the main food it is a concern because pork means high amounts of sodium which is bad for every single cat’s health and wellness. 

What meats can cats eat?

Chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, and tuna fish are high in meat content that cats can digest. Many cat foods are available with these meats as the first ingredient. 

Can a cat eat fried pork?

Fried pork contains oil that can harm cats so it is bad for them. 

What is pork cat syndrome?

It’s an allergy for cats from pork. According to Wikipedia, it is caused by exposure to cats. Although first described in 1994 and documented in the United States.

Is pork good for cats with ibd?

It’s a concern, ask your vet if you feed pork for cats with ibd. A vet suggests you best cat food. Also, many quality cat foods are good for ibd. 

Complete Guide – Pork For Cats

Cats are obligate carnivores, so they love meat first in their diet. Pork meat for cats is a healthy option as a treat. Without any suggestions from veterinarians, cat owners feed pork to felines. In this case, cats suffer from diseases so be careful if you want your cat healthy. 

Vets do not recommend food that is harmful for pets. Pork is one of the ingredients that has benefits for cats but it can be understandable what portion is right for it. Behind know precautions, benefits, and alternatives of pork for cats. 


 Before you serve pork for your cat, you can know which type of pork is best for cats.

  • Without Bones
  • Cooked or cat food with bones 
  • Feed it moderation, treats or rewards


Do pork have pros for cats? Yes, pork is high in protein, fat, and calories. Cats need meat and quality protein from animals and pork is one of them but it contains sodium which does not make it cats personal favourite diet. 


  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Beef

These are high alternatives of pork, so that cats can easily get quality meat. Also cats can have pork but as a cat parent you can advise from the vet what is the perfect portion and timing of it. 


We hope after reading this article you can know what you find. If our article is helpful then share it with cat owners who feed pork to cats. 

Our article is not written by a vet. We have cat lovers. We research, we analyse, and we ask veterinarians what is best for our cats. Also, links on the posts giving us a small commission if you buy something through it. 

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