Can Cats Eat Lilies: All the Details You Need to Know

can cats eat lilies

Lilies are beautiful to deck up your garden. It enhances the charm of your house and impresses the visitors. But how far is it suitable for your cat? What if cats consume them? It often roams around the curious pet parents’ minds. And why should it not be? After all, we all love our feline fellows more than ourselves. They are no less than our children. So, it is natural to be concerned about every single detail. We understand your love for your non-human companion. So, we will try to help you out here. We will try to answer the question – can cats eat lilies? Let’s proceed.

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Can Cats Eat Lilies: An Overview

NO! Although you can allow cats to eat other plants for a moment, lilies should be strictly avoided. From its leaves, stems to flowers, and even the pollens are harmful to the cats. Regardless of the variety of the lilies, it can be dangerous. So, beware of it. Whenever the experts get such questions- can cats eat lilies, they strictly forbid it. Let’s know why it is dangerous for them.

Lilies are NOT for Cats: Here’s Know Why

Lilies can harm cats in many ways. By consuming it and passing through the plants, the cats may be poisonous for them. You might be wondering, how? Let us explain. Often, people ask – can lilies make cats sick? We say yes. Your cat may get severely ill. Even their life may be put at risk. If a cat licks the lilies or consumes them, serious kidney damage can take place. And if you do not treat it immediately, it may lead to kidney failure and consecutively death. 

If they come across any part of the plant, it becomes harmful to them. Sometimes, when they pass across the plants, the pollens get stuck into their fur. And it causes lily poisoning when they lick them off. 

Thus, even if the little amount of lilies gets into their bodies, they get harmed. Even FDA or U.S. Food and Drug Administration have warned regarding the dangerous effects of lilies on cats. 

So, when you plan to raise a cat, you should give up on your dream of raising lilies. Or, plant it at a place where your cat cannot reach. 

Now, the next question comes to the pet owner’s mind- how to find out if my cat suffers from lily poisoning. 

Let us share the significant symptoms of this health issue. 

The Lily Poisoning on Cats: How to Find It out 

Different types of lilies are available around us. Whether it is asciatic lily or oriental lily, tiger lily, or easter lily, it may cause the same amount of trouble to your feline friend. How to find out whether your cat is affected by them or not? Here’s find the symptoms. 

The Symptoms are: 

  • Vomiting, 
  • lack of interest in eating
  • Drinking too much water
  • Frequent peeing
  • Occasional or frequent fits(seizures)
  • Twitching 
  • Weak movement

If you find any of the symptoms in your cat, visit your vet immediately. Wasting time may lead to fatal consequences. If your vet is not available at that moment, you can try treating it at home after taking the doctor’s advice on call.

How to Treat Lily Poisoning in Cats

When you go to specialist doctors, they can take care of every process of the treatment. But, as a pet parent, you should also have an idea about the methods. 

The most common and effective way is emptying the stomach. It washes out all of the toxic elements present within their bodies. Also, you can brush off the pollen from their fur. Another useful process is activated charcoal. It is a medication used to lower down the effects of the lilies within their bodies. Sometimes, the specialists try a special fluid drip. It helps to flush out any kinds of toxins in the bloodstream. And thus, it helps to prevent the kidney failure problem. 

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

Well, if you ask about the cost of the treatment, it is a bit expensive. But, your pet’s life is costlier than that. You can consult your doctor regarding this. They will suggest you the most suitable treatment. Remember that if it is the case of hospitalization, the cost may go high. 

You can consider insurance for your cat to secure its medical expenses, if necessary. 

Final Thoughts: No Lily to the Cats

So, we hope you have got the answer to ‘can cat eat lilies’. Keep your cat away from lilies at any cost. And if accidentally, they consume it follows the treatment process mentioned above. If you still have any doubts regarding this matter, feel free to ask below at the comment box. We will be happy to solve your queries. 

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