Can Cats Eat Ferns? The Unknown Facts Explained

Whenever it comes to our non-human friends, innumerable questions come up in our minds. From what we should feed them to how to take care of them, we become concerned about every detail. The concern is justified. After all, they cannot speak up about their troubles. Being a pet parent, you have to understand it only by his expression and behavioral changes. And it becomes more challenging in the case of cats. 

Our feline friends are quite smart to find the right opportunity to get pampered. But when it comes to expressing their trouble, they fail. So, it is essential to take care of them nicely to prevent any possible health issues. 

Should we Allow Fern to our Cats

Choosing the right food is a part of our caregiving to the cats. One of the common questions among pet-parents is ‘can cats eat fern’? Along with this, people ask- “can cats chew on ferns”, “can a fern kill a cat”,  “Are all ferns toxic to cats”, and other innumerable questions. And the crux coming out of all questions is that people are really concerned about the effects of fern on the cat. So, here, we are going to clear the doubts. Let us discuss how ferns affect cats. 

Can Cats Eat Ferns- A Detailed Discussion

First of all, let’s be clear about one thing. Any plant can be harmful to cats. Whether it is simple home-grown grass or ferns, it may affect the stomach and digestive system of your cats. So, keep them away from plants as much as possible. Talking about ferns, they are of many types. While some can be tolerable, some are really toxic for cats. So, whenever the question like ‘ can cat eat fern?’ comes, we suggest not to allow your cat to eat fern. 

Now, let’s know what the toxic ferns are and what are less toxic than others. 

Which Ferns are less Harmful

If you look at the variations of fern, you will first come across Boston fern. It is not so toxic to cats. Besides this, there are sword fern, mother fern, carrot fern, staghorn fern, etc. The rabbit’s foot fern, bird’s nest fern, button fern, sword fern are also on that list of less harmful ferns for cats. Well, the variations of fern. It is hard to put all of them in one list. So, there can be other ferns as well, which may not be much harmful to the cats. However, we have mentioned the types that can usually be found around us. 

Avoid the Toxic Ferns

Now, coming to the toxic variations, there are several ferns on the list. You must restrict your cat from eating them. Otherwise, severe health issues may occur anytime. The most dangerous variation is the asparagus fern which is also known as plumosa fern. Other ferns like sprengeri fern, winter fern are also harmful. If you dig deep, some other types like fern palm, sago palm should also be avoided.

So, these are the detailed lists of the ferns – both toxic and less toxic. It is essential you should keep a check on your cat so that it does not go for chewing ferns unnecessarily. Sometimes, due to internal digestive problems, cats eat plants to wash out the evil elements from their stomach along with the plants. Also, when they feel a lack of fiber within their system, they chew plants. In these situations, make sure that they do not eat harmful ferns. By any chance, if they consume any of these ferns, go to your veterinarian at the earliest. 

What to do if a veterinarian is not available at that crucial moment? After all, you cannot leave your cat sick and going to die! So, here, let us mention how to react if your cats accidentally eat toxic ferns. 

Can Cats Eat Ferns: What to Do If they Eat Ferns

You must remember that there are different degrees of reaction of ferns on cats. The treatment depends upon the degree of the reaction. The intensity of their troubles decides how to react. If they eat ferns in small doses, they may suffer from stomach pain, drooling, etc. Also, vomiting, indigestion may take place. For these mild symptoms, you can take a few measures at home. First of all, wash your cat’s mouth well with fresh water. Then, push it to vomit the plant. In many cases, they already start vomiting. 

But if it is consumed in large dosage, severe signs of distress can be found. In that case, you must go to the vet or get into a consultation call with the doctor and follow the instructions accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

So, these are the points you should keep in mind whenever questions like ‘can cats eat fern’ come to your mind. Cats can eat but at a mild dosage. It is better if they do not eat. 

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