Can Cats Eat Dates | Is Dates Safe For My Cat

No doubt, few cats love dates. It seems very good if they eat it. But is it safe for a cat to eat dates? In this article, I will cover some publicly asked questions on Google about cats and dates. 

Can cats eat dates? Yes, there are no side effects when cats can eat dates. But as a cat owner, you can understand some restrictions when your cat consumes too many dates. 

I met a veterinarian and asked some questions that in my mind, like date safe for cats? What can I do if my cat eats too many dates at the same time? Are dates poisoning cats? Do cats have any nutritional value dates to cats? 

After I asked too many questions, he said dates are safe for cats. So, k mentioned all my experience in the article, read it carefully. 

Are Dates Safe For Cats OR Can Cats Eat Dates Safely?

dates safe for cats

Yes, cats can eat dates, and it is safe for them. Dates have great nutrition benefits to cats if she eats as a reward and treats. But, cats are meat-eaters, and dates are not a primary food for them. 

In case cats eat many dates, then it is bad for them and also harms their health. Dates are tasty and contain many nutrients or ingredients which are beneficial for humans but not for cats. 

One hundred grams of dates contains an average of 282 calories and 75 grams of carbohydrates. So, cats do not need high calories and carbohydrates as food. Dates mean high calorie and carb for cats, but cats need protein from meat, chicken, lamb, and turkey. Remember, as a treat, few dates are safe and non-poisonous to cats, but this is not their primary diet. 

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Nutritional Benefits and Side effects if Cats Can Eat Dates

No doubt, dates or dried dates are very healthy to eat, but for humans, not too much for cats. Like humans, cats don’t have a strong immune system that consumes much fibre and carbohydrates. Cats’ immune system is designed to eat quality ingredients like meat, chicken, turkey, not dates. 

Cats can face issues if they eat high amounts of dates like loose stool, stomach issues, and vomiting. Dates are toxic to those cats who have already disease or who have its eating habit. 

What can I do if my cats ate too many dates? Avoid dates the best option or feed the food that she loves most. Note the health and go to the vet for treatment if you see any negative signs like vomiting for a long time.  

Don’t worry cat owners if your cats eat one to two pieces of dates. It is safe and non-toxic for your cats. Cats can eat dates safely.

Are Dates Good For Cats?

Dates are high in sugar and provide a lot of calories and carbohydrates. Obligate carnivores cats have meat-eaters and eating many dates harm their health. 

So, technically dates are safe for our cats, but practically too many dates create a couple of diseases for cats. 

Can Cats Have Dates and Do Cats Enjoy Eating Dates

Yes, cats can have dates, but veterinarians do not recommend it because cats are obligate carnivores. Meat, chicken is a cat’s priority when it comes to their natural diet. 

Sometimes cats enjoy eating dates because of taste. As a cat parent, you can understand dates have no primary ingredient that your cat needs. Feed a quality food that is safe for them. 

Also, it isn’t good for cats if she has eating habits of dates. Dates are quality human food, and many dates are not ok for cats. 

Health Risks of Feeding Dates to Cats

If cats can eat many dates as food, then it creates some health risks like: 

  • Dental problems
  • Loose stool
  • Stomach issues
  • Diaherra
  • Immune system diseases

Do Kittens Eat Dates?

Can kittens eat dates? Technically yes, kittens eat dates. But it can harm their health because eating many dates is considered a disease for kittens, such as stomach problems, loose stool, and many more the same as cats. 

Feed quality affordable cat food to cats. The natural ingredients include brand can growing kittens, health besides eating dates.


I hope you can understand a few things if cats can eat dates. I solved all the questions that asked on the internet about cats and dates. 

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