Can Cats Eat Chestnuts – How Many Chestnuts Cats Can Eat?

Chestnuts are a little protein or fat source and provide complex carbs. Also, it contains a great source of vitamins and antioxidants that offers maximum health benefits. But, if we feed it to our cats. Are chestnuts bad for cats? Can cats eat chestnuts? 

Yes, cats can eat chestnuts, but it’s not primary nutrition for their health. This is because cats are carnivores and depend upon a high meat-based protein diet and chestnuts contain little protein.

Are chestnuts okay to eat for cats? Like other nuts, chestnuts are okay if your cat eats them, and they cannot harm their health. If you give daily chestnuts to your cats, then it leads to gastrointestinal problems. Cats with gastrointestinal issues can’t eat chestnuts. 

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Are Chestnuts Toxic To Cats?

No, no study proves chestnuts are toxic to cats if they eat them. But, it’s not a part of cat foodstuffs because cats need a cat food brand or homemade food, which is fine for them rather than chestnuts. 

Do chestnuts kill cats? Your cat faces multiple unwanted diseases after eating too many chestnuts like gastrointestinal in cats. Also, if you feed it in their daily meal, it’s a bad food option for you for your pretty cat.

Can Chestnuts Give Nutrition To Cats? 

No, because cats are carnivores, they need meat in their food, and chestnuts provide no nutritional value. It’s a highly human food that is not suitable for cats. 

Dr. Drew, a veterinarian, says cats can eat chestnuts, but it can’t provide any nutritional value because they are carnivores and feed them the best cat food that meets their diet. 

How Many Chestnuts Can Cats Eat? 

As a treat or reward, you can give chestnuts to cats. But know that the high amount you feed can lead to a high chance of disease. Treat other homemade food that fulfills their needs. 

What would I do if my cats liked chestnuts? Cats don’t know how much they eat or what is the proper portion that boosts their health. So, you can feed her other food rather than chestnuts that she wants to. 

FAQ – Cats & Chestnuts

Are chestnuts okay for cats?

Yes, it is common for cats if they eat very few chestnuts. Cats face illness problems when they consume high amounts of chestnuts. 

Are chestnuts poisonous to cats?

No, it’s nonpoisonous. But if cats overeat chestnuts, then it develops gastrointestinal issues that lead to other diseases. It’s best for cat parents to avoid cats eating chestnuts. Also, an ongoing suffering cat with the disease can’t eat it. 

Can Cats Eat Water Chestnuts?

Yes, cats can eat water chestnuts, but there are no health benefits. Cats can eat chestnut leaves and greens if they like.

Are horse chestnuts poisonous to cats?

We have no exact information if cats eat horse chestnuts. It’s good for you to talk with your vet and know the best feeding requirements for your feline. 


As a well-educated cat owner, we hope you can understand the things when cats eat chestnuts and what happens if they eat them.

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