Can Cats Eat Arugula – How Arugula Toxic To Cats?

Can cats eat Arugula. In short, yes. Arugula is a healthy vegetable that contains multiple vitamins, potassium, calcium and has many nutritional values to cats and humans. Feeding arugula to cats is a good option, but it doesn’t replace their main diet of meat. 

In this article, we have covered a few inquiries on Arugula for cats. Is Arugula bad for cats? Is Arugula toxic to cats? Is Arugula safe for cats? Also, know Interesting facts and how much cats can consume Arugula per day. 

There are many cats that like vegetables rather than a high meat diet. Besides, cats are obligate carnivores, but they are interested in other types of foods. Arugula is one of them. Without any fear, cats have Arugula, but it has side effects also. Please read the article and know about what it is. 

Can Every Life Stage Cats Eat Arugula

In Short, cats of every age can safely eat Arugula. It is a peppery and leafy green vegetable abundant in essential vitamins and minerals and a healthy food option. 

Also, Arugula won’t have any side effects on cats’ health. But, cats with iodine can avoid Arugula because it’s a goitrogenic food that develops multiple diseases for them. 

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Is Arugula bad for cats? Bad for those cats who have gastrointestinal problems after feeding greens like Arugula. But a small amount of Arugula can be ok for cats and kittens. It’s a safe and good option to provide as a treat. 

Is Arugula toxic to cats?

can cats eat arugula

Can cats have Arugula? Yes, cats can eat Arugula as a reward or treat. Feeding one or two times a week arugula treat for cats is healthy and provides many benefits that are not available in high protein foods. 

It’s non-toxic to cats. Arugula has much nutritional value for cats and fulfills their meal. Unfortunately, many cat owners never give these kinds of vegetables to their cats for certain reasons. 

How Arugula is good for cats. It’s not a primary food for cats. However, cats can eat some arugula like humans. Arugula is a peppery greens store vitamins and minerals and an excellent source of fiber. 

What is Arugula and Its Nutrition for Cats?

Arugula is also known as rucola, salad rocket, and Italian cress. It’s a cousin of Brussels, sprouts, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli. For cats, Arugula is high in fiber and phytochemicals. It’s low in sugar, carbohydrates, calories, and fat. 100% grams of Arugula has:

Fat: 0.7 grams

Carbs: 3.7 grams

Sodium: 27 milligrams

Protein: 2.6 grams

So, what do you think like a cat owner if you know your furry friend’s diet? Also, it high in other vital nutrients, such as 

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Folate
  • Vitamins C 
  • Vitamins K
  • Vitamins A

Can Cats Eat Arugula: Benefits Vs. Risks

Commonly we use Arugula in sandwiches, salad as an ingredient. We can safely eat Arugula, but if our cat does the same. There are many factors where Arugula is toxic to cats and not good to eat. Know what they are:


  • A great healthy option compared to other veggies
  • Safe to feed 
  • Arugula powerful antioxidant that helps support the immune system
  • It contains Vitamins K, which helps with blood coagulation
  • Arugula also necessary for bone health, tooth health, muscle function, and nerve function of cats
  • Full of natural antioxidants 


  • Over consuming vitamins, K can consider illness for cats like gastrointestinal
  • Overeating of Arugula lost cat’s interest in high meat-based cat food
  • Disrupts the process of production of thyroid hormones 

However, cats can eat Arugula. consuming in large quantities can develop many health issues for cats. Careful about overeating, feed a naturally high protein food for cats that maintain their health and are 100% safe. 

Conclusion – is Arugula bad for cats.

Arugula is not the main food that cats eat every day. Everyone knows cats are obligate carnivores and love meat, chicken, and turkey full of protein and fat. So it is not bad for cats but also not a primary food for them. 

Remember, few hidden things where your cats eat large amounts of these kinds of vegetables or greens. Not each vegetable is safe for cats like Arugula. 

This article is only for information purposes and not to be written by a vet. We research and talk with numerous vets and get information. How is our report on Can cats Eat Arugula? 

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