Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cat Food? Things To Know

A pet lizard can be a great addition to your family. They require less care than a dog or cat, and they do not need to be walked. However, it is essential to learn about the type of food they eat and feed them. So what can bearded dragons eat? Also, the question of can bearded dragons eat cat food has been asked by many people who own lizards as pets. Here, we’ll explore what bearded dragon owners should know about feeding their lizards and how to tell if the food is right for them.

Bearded dragons are omnivores, which means they can eat both plants and animals. They need at least 50% of their diet to be vegetables, fruits, and greens. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to feeding your bearded dragon. You should contact a breeder or veterinarian to determine what is best for your particular pet.

Why Bearded Dragons Eat Cat Food?

In a word, no. Many people believe that bearded dragons eat cat food because it’s a common misconception. Is it safe for a bearded dragon to eat cat food? In reality, cat food is too high in protein and fat for a bearded dragon to digest correctly. Is cat food bad for bearded dragons? This article will teach you what you need to know about ensuring your bearded dragon gets the proper nutrition while living in captivity. 

Many factors affect whether your bearded dragon can eat cat food, but it is not recommended generally speaking. In the wild, bearded dragons get most of their diet from insects and vegetation. In captivity, cat food is often added to the diet to provide a more balanced diet. However, if you have a vegetarian or vegan bearded dragon on a mostly insect-based diet, you might be able to add some dry cat food as a supplement.

What Can Bearded Dragons Eat?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cat Food? Things To Know

All pet lizards need to eat a certain amount of food to stay healthy. But, they can survive on very little if they are feeding on dried or freeze-dried food. If your lizard is regularly eating and not getting enough nutrition, it will need to be fed a proper diet. If the food you give your pet lizard is not quite adequate, you will need to purchase food specifically for bearded dragons. When the food is right for your lizard, they will most likely thrive on it.

What can bearded dragons eat? Here is what bearded dragon owners should know about what bearded dragons can eat. Bearded dragon owners do not need to limit themselves to one type of food. The green side of nature is full of exciting and flavorful food. Can bearded dragons eat cat food? We will learn more about it in this article as you read further.

What to Feed Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons eat fruit, insects, and small crickets. The CDC recommends various foods that the lizard can quickly eat, including several different kinds of fruit.

When buying food, do not buy foods that are both high and low in vitamins or minerals. And remember that it is best to feed your reptile live foods. Any food that has been frozen, thawed, cooked, or otherwise cooked should not be given to a bearded dragon. This will hamper their digestion, but it will also cause them to overeat it, which will cause diarrhea, lethargy, and eventually, death. Food should be fresh, and it should not expire more than a week from the time of purchase.

The CDC says, “Feeding reptiles frozen, thawed, cooked or dried foods can affect their nutritional value. 

The Importance of the Diet 

A bearded dragon diet is primarily determined by the species and the size of the lizard. Bearded dragons and their relatives, including Texas red-eared lizards and St. Lucia’s dippers, are not carnivorous. That is, they cannot eat meat or any parts of animals. Is it safe for a bearded dragon to eat cat food? 

Since cat food contains meat, it is difficult for them to have cat food. However, they are true to their reptilian name, eating mainly insects, although they sometimes eat fruit and spiders. The species that cannot eat meat include many-coloured lizards (like the blind green and marbled blind green lizards) and short-tailed lizards (like the Philippine bearded dragon).

Texas red-eared lizards will eat meat when they are first introduced to a new food source. However, it is more likely they will retain the meat in their diet for only a short while.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cat Food in the Wild? 

In the wild, bearded dragons eat insects. However, they often struggle to digest them. Therefore, if you feed them various insects and include enough of them in their diet, eating cat food should not be a problem. 

However, many people keep a lot of lizards in captivity, and a large portion of their diet comes from those lizards. This may be because they either own a lizard too giant for the cage or want more “tasty” food for their pet. Another reason is that most reptile owners try to prepare a wider variety of foods for their pets.

How can you tell if lizard food is suitable for your lizard? The quality of a lizard’s diet will determine whether it is healthy.

Conclusion – Is Cat Food Bad For Bearded Dragons?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cat Food? Things To Know

Both pets and reptiles can be relatively harmless. However, reptiles tend to be more dangerous. Snake bites are the most common type of reptile-related emergency. On the other hand, cat bites are the most common type of reptile-related emergency. Bearded dragons do not share the same danger levels as snakes or cats, but it is always good to be aware of what reptiles are friendly and what reptiles are harmful to humans.

Animals are full of personalities, and it is important to note when something is not right with them. Just like cats and dogs, reptiles will respond to different types of pet food. The kind of food is essential, so it’s good to read up on the different types of lizard food so you can choose the best style for your reptile.

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