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All content information are only for information purpose, it is writing by a content writer, not by any veterinarian or pet specialist. Today, we have talked about Boreal cat food reviews.

Thirty years ago, the Boreal company is manufacturing food for dogs and it’s sourcing only in Canada. After a time, they produced cat food, which foods are very tasty, grain-free, for treatment, limited ingredients, and makes a unique combination between each other. Boreal designed simple and high food of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, which all have been loved by numerous cats and their owners.

Boreal added Availa®Pet process which is a bind of single zinc, manganese, or iron ion onto the amino acid molecule. They say it is a process that is easily digestible or absorbed and utilized by your pet.

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Here are some benefits of Boreal Availa®Pet:

  • Good hair coat length and shine, and enhanced skin integrity and wound healing.
  • Zinc and manganese are vital for pad circumstance and nail hardness.
  • Manganese and Zinc play a meaningful role in a pet’s immunity to infection.
  • Zinc, manganese, and iron all add to the growth and improvement of pets including weight gain in puppies, bone growth, and joint support and repair.
  • Zinc and manganese play a fundamental role in reproduction.


84% protein from chicken in this boreal grain-free formula,  While 16% protein from vegetables and other ingredients, chicken is the primary or first ingredient of this dry cat food. Without chicken cat food, this recipe is not existing

It is made using fresh Ontario and Quebec chicken; it’s also a daily diet for your cat to maintain their weight, and you can use it as a hypoallergenic formula.

Boreal pet food says that they use beans and peas to replace the grains found in many dog foods. Also, they add many beneficial herbs and fruits, including cranberries and blueberries, to improve the taste of the food, and antioxidants support several health benefits.

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Made in CanadaNot specific Breed food available for all Breeds
Potato freeHigh Protein formula with Limited Carbo.
Naturally preserved
Tasty and Delicious Dry recipe
Using North American-made minerals.

Features and Price

  • It is Comes in a 2.26kg(CAD33.80) and 5.44 kg(CAD33.80) size. The price of boreal food is a little bit different between selling websites.
  • Available for every life stage of a cat, suitable for adults.
  • It is made with beans and peas.

Reviews of Boreal Chicken Dry Cat Food

All are verified reviewed, which suggests chicken boreal dry cat food, no negative review with this food.

  • Riley K says Great product and excellent service by Boreal.
  • Seaham says excellent cat food, and cats love it. It is very digestible and no hairball problems.
  • Chantal G says tremendous and fast service, excellent!
  • Destiny P says my cat loves it!


Fish Trio is the primary protein source in this dry cat food. The grain-free recipe is specially designed for weight control, and the company uses a base of beans and peas to replace the grain found to compare with dog foods.

You can be called it hypoallergenic formula because its ingredients and added antioxidants can support each cat’s healthy life.

Canadian Cat Food11.5% of protein From Fruits and Vegetables.
88.5% of Protein from FishExpensive
A Special collection of minerals 
Zinc is essential for a healthy coat and shiny skin

Features and Price

  • The dry food is available in 2.26kg(CAD 26.99) and 5.44kg(CAD 55.99) package, which shows quality food.
  • It is high-quality protein content with healthy ingredients.
  • The company included low glycemic ingredients with limited carbohydrates.
  • Also, it is made as a potato-free formula.

Reviews of Boreal Fish Trio Dry Cat Food

We found only two reviews about this boreal cat food.

  • James A says My feline likes it. That’s all matters.
  • Karen L says Cats like it.

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This high protein formula included 95% protein from meat, so it is a single protein source element. The boreal canned cat food is designed to have almost no carbo or starches. 

The company’s primary goal is to maintain a proper weight for your cat and help lower your cat’s risk of unwanted weight gain.

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This Canadian duck and Atlantic salmon cat food were created from Canadian chicken and duck. It is without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, grains, cereals. Gums or thickeners. This is the Best wet cat food.

Wet Cat Food11.5% of protein From Fruits and Vegetables.
95% of Protein from FishExpensive
A Special collection of minerals 
Zinc is essential for a healthy coat and shiny skin

Features and Price

  • The amount of the food is CAD 1.79(3oz), CAD 2.49(5.5oz, and CAD 3.99(130oz).
  • It makes without grains, starches, gums, cereals, thickeners, artificial colors or flavors, and salt.
  • It is suitable for all breeds of cats and life stages.
  • Available in various varieties.

Reviews of Boreal Salmon Dry Cat Food

  • Tara E says my cats love this food and will eat it daily, even after being in the fridge. One cat has digestive issues, and this food does not cause her any problems.
  • Yasmine G says it is the healthy stuff, my babies(cats) like it, it comes in big cans, so I am not wasting money with the little one and is a Canadian Company Cat Food.
  • Quincy says Order arrived quickly.
  • Keith says Great service and fast shipping.
  • Sherry says excellent. Cats like it will be back for more.

FAQ of Boreal Cat Food

boreal cat food faq and reviews
FAQ-Boreal Cat Food Reviews

Where to buy Boreal Cat Food?

The company says that its foods do not provide by Amazon or Chewy. You pick its food from your nearby pet stores. Also, Boreal thinks that it’s is the best experienced when you shop from your neighborhood. Moreover, there are few online sites in Canada, which sell boreal Cat food like Naturalpetfoods, and comes alive.

Who makes Boreal Cat Food?

Boreal cat food is made by Boreal, a pet food company in Canada Company says their dry cat food is made in Ontario and wet foods are makes from British Columbia and Thailand. They focusing on producing affordable, healthy food for cats.

Is boreal cat food good or bad?

By the ingredients list and picking reviews of boreal, suggested it’s all products and cat food. But we have doesn’t find enough reviews of it and we also think it’s some pricey but worthful.


We have strongly recommended Boreal cat food by its ingredients and reviews. Boreal food is available in dry, wet, and special treatment for your cats. One bad thing is that it is not available on Amazon and Chewy.

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Are you Try Boreal foods for your cat.

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