11 Best Cat Food in Philippines (2022) – Top Wet & Dry Brands

Best Cat Food in Philippines 2022

Cat owners or parents in the Philippines want to feed the best cat food that packed with vitamins, protein, calories, and natural ingredients. There is very difficult when hundreds of products and treats in the market, and we have found the best cat food available in the Philippines?

We have reviewed the best brands like Monello, Aozi, Smart heart, Whiskas, and Cuties, cat food products in the Philippines. These are available in the wet and dry recipe, made with high-quality ingredients, and give proper nutrition benefits to your cat. 

After much research and customer feedback, we have analyzed the top 10 wet and dry foods for cats that you can easily buy in the Philippines. Here are its pros and cons:-

  1. Monello cat Food Review
  2. Aozi cat food Review
  3. Smartheart cat food Review
  4. Whiskas cat food Review
  5. Special cat food Review
  6. Cuties cat food Review
  7. Princess cat food Review
  8. Kit cat food Review
  9. Morando cat food Review
  10. Naturlife cat food Review
  11. Lucy cat food Review
  12. Dixie cat food review
  13. Powercat cat food review

1. Monello Cat Food Review

Monello cat food contains many blessings for your small kittens and younger cats fitness. The wealthy animal protein components help digest more than 80%, and different substances like minerals and fibers help in the maintenance of the musculature and improvement.

Monello is the best cat food for sensitive cats in the Philippines.

Read Monello Full Review Here


  • Wholesome urinary tract
  • Low sodium
  • Healthy growth.
  • Antioxidant complicated
  • Intestinal fitness


  • High-priced

2. Aozi Cat food Review

Aozi originated on an island in northern Europe and Southeast Asia, like the Philippines, at the junction of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, a part of Iceland. It is the least populated region in Europe.

It’s located at the border of the Arctic Circle; however, the temperature there is slight due to the nice and cozy modern-day Mexico Gulf.

All small animals there live on herbal animals and vegetation; consequently, they are very bouncing, cute and healthful with stunning hairs and extra clever than animals in normal cities.

The meat used in Aozi pet meals is delicious and nutritious. As much as the freshness is trendy, .culmination and vegetables are as much as the freshness popular and with balanced vitamins pick out deep-sea fish, providing sufficient protein, fats, vitamins and power.

The vitamins in the result and vegetables are helpful for the health of the epithelium. Nourish epidermis and subcutis. It makes hair shiny and bright. Easy to digest, shield gut and stomach.

Adding prebiotics oligosaccharides (FOS) and beet pulp safety of gastric mucosa assist adjust the intestinal delivery, comprehensively enhance the intestinal nutrients balance.

Improve Immunity Help cats set up their very own immune systems. With a special antioxidant complex substance (ethylamine sulfonic acid, lutein. vitamin E and C), oligosaccharide FOS boosts the pet’s capacity to resist sicknesses.

3. Smartheart cat food Review

Smartheart Refine adult Cat food – designed in a clean-to-open pouch, is formulated with the finest excellent tuna. It is known as the best cat food for giving energy.

It’s far wealthy in flavor and nutrients that your cat craves for. The recipe energizes your cat to be geared up for the day without a synthetic coloration or no preservatives.


  • Contains a good source of protein like a chicken drumstick.
  • No artificial colors
  • No grains


  • None

4. Whiskas cat food Review

Whiskas cat food with wet tuna is one of the best wet cat foods available in the market in the Philippines.

Cats over the age of one year are lively and require a variety of gambling, so they want an eating regimen to assist this even while maintaining them lean and wholesome. 

They also can be picky eaters, so the Whiskas’ moist meals were created to meet the dietary needs of cats regularly. 

It’ll give complete and balanced nourishment to assist the upkeep of systemic balance and fantastic skin and coat. 

Even higher, no preservatives are used, and the system contains taurine, which helps maintain good eyesight and brilliant eyes, Omega 3 and six for healthy skin and hair. Diet E to help enhance their immune gadget.

We like the exceptional about Whiskas’s affordable fee, which is good for cat owners trying to save some pennies!

Whiskas are also available in Ocean Fish and Mackerel varieties if your furball needs to experiment with other fish flavors.

There are even kitten variations to be had, which you can serve to your more youthful pets.


  • Specially designed to be whole and balanced for cats aged 1-year-vintage and above
  • Has a smooth texture for easy intake
  • Low priced


  • None

5. Special cat food Review

Special cat chicken and turkey is an amazing addition to your cat’s diet. All of the ingredients contain good amounts of taurine, calcium and phosphorus with high–quality protein and other essential nutrients, making it one of the best cat food.


  • Formulated with highest best raw substances
  • Wealthy in Protein
  • Low Magnesium content
  • Allows guard kidneys
  • Guaranteed foremost ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • Fatty acids for healthy pores and skin and a vibrant coat
  • Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) + Mannan oligosaccharides
  • Regulates gastrointestinal micro flowers aids in the absorption of calcium and other minerals
  • Yucca Schidigera extract
  • Reduce stool smell
  • Improves digestion
  • Calcium and Phosphorus
  • Good for Improvement of bones and teeth


  • None

6. Cuties cat food Review

Cuties Catz is surely one of the best cat foods to be had on the market, maximum in all likelihood, because it gives the most prices for cash.

You could already buy a repacked kilo of this famous cat chow for a touch extra than a hundred pesos.

Even though this is one of the most inexpensive dry feeds in this listing, it is nevertheless supplemented with balanced nutrition and critical vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of your pussycat friend! So, if you’re seeking finances-pleasant dry cat food, this is your best guess.


  • Maximum low-cost choice
  • One of the most popular cat food brands on Shopee


  • None

7. Princess cat food Review

PRINCESS premium grain-free dry cat meals are a unique product packed complete with goodness and have no product fillers and low levels of carbohydrates that can motive fitness problems.

This real natural caloric exceptional meal focuses on rich natural ingredients of fresh chook, fish, fruit and greens.
It’s far formulated to ease digestion and combined with vegetables which can be robust in dietary fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B complicated and iron.
Advanced new kibble facilitates the preservation of healthy teeth and gums.

8. Kit cat food Review

Kit cat chicken cuisine hairball control dries are the best cat food for hairball reduction. Hairballs may be unfavorable to your cat’s health, causing intestinal blockages, diarrhea, and even loss of urge for food. 

Fortuitously, a few meals help alleviate the worst of the hairball signs, and we’ve got determined one of the only recipes! 

The Kit Cat meals has high-grade meat containing crucial nutrients and the right proportion of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which supports a wholesome heart, pores, skin, and coat for your cats.

It includes a comprehensive and balanced diet that could provide your cat with pH-adjusted nutrients to hold a healthy lifestyle.

All in all, you will locate this to be a powerful way to minimize hairballs.


  • All-herbal elements
  • With decided on exceptional meat containing vital vitamins
  • Promotes a more healthy digestive tract and eyes


  • None

9. Morando cat food Review

Morando is Italian pet food that started with the perception of Enrico Morando, who pioneered the marketplace in the early ’50s.

It is an adventurous drive to do it earlier than anyone else and get amazing success.

Previously named as Migliorgatto professional, takes a brand new name but keeps the extremely excessive great of merchandise, created with selected uncooked materials and now enclosed in stylish new packaging.

Discover a massive variety of flavors, codecs and unique nutritional characteristics for the properly-being of cats of every age.

Morando Professional Adult Cat Food Beef and Chicken Flavor is particular formulated recipe meets the precise dietary necessities of sterilized cats. There is a good protein source as beef and chicken, which are easily digestible and has essential nutrients and good palatability.


  • Good protein source – beef and chicken.
  • It can be easily digested
  • Consists of all essential nutrients
  • Has great palatability


  • None.

10. Naturlife cat food Review

NaturLife grownup Cat food, bird & tuna Grain-free is formulated with top-rate animal protein-packed with antioxidants and purposeful substances.

It conforms to worldwide requirements, which include the affiliation of Yankee Feed control officers (AAFCO), appropriate production practice (GMP) and chance evaluation critical control point (HACCP) certifications. NaturLife’s priority is to keep your cat healthy.

For this reason, NaturLife Cat ingredients are ‘Grain free’- eliminating corn, wheat and soy as a source of protein.


  • Methionine is an amino acid that facilitates the strengthening of the muscle groups of your cats.
  • Taurine is critical to your cat’s regular coronary heart, vision, digestive and reproductive fitness.
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract is for stool scent manipulation.
  • Zinc amino acid complex is vital in your cat’s immune and reproductive machine.
  • Yeast extract is a source of beta-glucan and Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) probiotics that facilitates your cat’s digestive and immune device strong.


  • None

11. Lucy cat food Review

Salmon and chicken cat food in gravy is includes goods amounts of protein from salmon and chicken. With numerous different


  • Tasty and Savory: Our delicious gravy recipe will satisfy even the pickiest cats.
  • Made with delicious, clearly raised, antibiotic-free boneless fowl, salmon, and tuna.
  • Fresh pumpkin for added taste and fiber to assist wholesome digestion.
  • Perfect for all breeds of cats at all lifestyles ranges: each stew is designed to incorporate all the essential nutrients required for kittens, grownup and senior cats to live and be healthful.
  • Hand-organized recipes, gradual-cooked in small batches.
  • Smooth-open pull-tab cans


  • None

12. Dixie cat food review

Dixie dry cat food is mainly formulated to assist adult cats to live wholesome and glad.

To maintain health at some stage in adulthood, fully grown cats need the right nutrition to maintain them in pinnacle shape as they age.

Dixie gives all of the essential nutrients they want, including protein and crucial fatty acids to assist strong muscular tissues and keep their coat looking exceptional.

It’s filled with tons of wholesome components and the irresistible taste of tuna.

This tasty meal is whole and balanced for adult cats with all the nutrients and minerals they need for top-of-the-line fitness.


  • Top rate protein for robust muscle tissues
  • Affords all of the essential nutrients & minerals your cat wishes
  • Scrumptious tuna bites assist holding your cat coming back meal after meal
  • Prebiotics support your cat’s digestion


  • None

13. Powercat cat food review


  • Corn and Soybean Meal
  • Corn Gluten Meal, Bird Oil, Fish Meal, Fish Oil, Tuna, Vitamins and Minerals, and Taurine


  • Expensive

Cat food buying guide

The Philippines cat owner need to careful before buying a cat food. There are some things you must focus on when looking at unusual cat ingredients to ensure you are buying the right one and the proper ingredients.


Reading the label of the cat food before you buy it could be crucial because there are lots of records that assist you in determining whether it is proper for your cat.

First, you have to test the label to see who the food is supposed for. Is it designed for kittens or adult cats? Or matches your indoor cats with fitness conditions?

This may help you determine whether your cat can get the proper amount of nutrients for their desires.

The label will also country the weight of the bag. Based on the amount of food your cat requires, you will be capable of exercise sessions, how many servings you may be capable of getting out of the bag and therefore, which cat food is the most cost-effective.


Cats are carnivorous and require the whole animal-primarily based proteins to survive. The cat meals you feed your cat must have a minimum of 30% of protein, so they’re getting the quantity they want.

Relying on their age, cats will want a specific amount of protein, and kittens will need more for helping to construct tissues as they develop.

Person cats would require an ordinary amount of protein to preserve the tissue, and older cats would require more protein again to help hold the tissue along different symptoms of growing older.


We pass into extra detail about the ingredients you should search for in your cat food under. However, as a trendy rule, you should search for the first five components on the label as those are the ones that remember the maximum and makeup maximum of the cat food.

Unlike puppies, cats do not thrive properly with carbohydrates in their weight loss program, so the primary five elements of cat food should be meat.

This can make for costly cat meals, but it is the exceptional, healthiest and maximum nutritious for your kitty.

Some producers will consist of veggies within the first five ingredients that are best, but as a minimum, three out of the five components need to be animal merchandise.


You ought to usually recognize the supply of your cat meals.

Correct cat meals producers may be intently regulated, so you recognize that the facilities where they make the food are secure and hygienic.

The fine choice is to paste to US-primarily based corporations to make sure. You should search for sure words on the label of the meals, too, like “grass-fed,” “unfastened-range,” and “organic,” as only certain groups can use those phrases so you can be certain they are safe.

DRY meals

Dry cat food is very handy because you could leave it out for your cat to consume as and once they need it when you’re no longer home.

\It also has a long shelf existence and is one of the less expensive options for cat meals.

You have to constantly make sure that the cat food you have natural components — mainly the primary five ingredients listed on the label.

Dry cat meals must continually be supplemented with moist food, preferably with natural components, including bird meat or fish.

Wet Or Moist meals

Wet food has a much higher water content than kibble and may be very useful for your cat.

Cats do not drink water and need to be trained to use a water bowl.

If this isn’t always running, you could strive to put your cat on moist meals to increase their moisture intake.

But moist canned food may be more expensive than dry food, making it less smooth to store and serve.

Raw meals

A single meal food regimen is completely herbal and mimics the food plan your cat might revel in the wild.

Within the wild, cats are strictly carnivorous and only devour raw meat. Consequently, it may be very useful to them to try and replicate this at home. A raw cat meals food regimen is generally loose from BHA and BHT.

These are chemical preservatives and are potentially dangerous to animals.

But, getting ready raw meat for your cat each day may be highly-priced and time-consuming, specifically with the delivered difficulty of the meals spoiling and being tough to save.

Due to this, it isn’t always usually a possible option for plenty of cat owners.


According to us, two of our best-liked cat foods in the Philippines are Powercat and Lucy cat food. Both of them have excellent protein sources with various recipes and have all the nutrients your cat may need.

These two are our preferences for the best cat food in the Philippines. All of the other cat foods are also very good, some might have an affordable rate, and some might have an expensive rate; still, all of them are made with extra love and hygiene.

If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us.

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