13 Best Cat Food For Kidney Disease (2021): Health, Failure, Stones, Function, Issues

If a cat is suffering from kidney disease, then it means the kidney can’t remove waste products from the body as a healthy kidney can. So the waste products keep accumulating in the bloodstream as the filtering system is not in proper working condition. In the market, various options are available to choose from. They are formulated to avoid metabolic acidosis. Mybestcatfood participates in affiliate marketing programs with Chewy. “This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.” Here is the 13 best cat food for kidney diseases:-

What should a cat be given when suffering from kidney disease?

Dietary restrictions are important if your kitty is having kidney troubles to save them from further medical problems. Doctors advise controlling the progression of kidney failure by nutrition modification. The intake of protein, phosphorus and sodium content should be restricted, while diets high in water-soluble vitamins, fibre, and antioxidant concentrations may prolong life and improve quality of life in cats with chronic kidney disease. 

Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care with Chicken Canned Cat Food- Review

This cat food helps to support the cat’s kidney function and to maintain proper muscle mass. This special diet helps to develop the standard of life and cats tend to live longer.

This pate formula is created by veterinarians that trigger appetite and enhance calorie intake. This leads to building up lean muscles every day. All the ingredients included are tested to meet the high standard set by the food line.


  • Has controlled phosphorus and low sodium.
  • It also includes therapeutic levels of l-carnitine and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Amino acid is present in high amounts.


  • Few cats do not appreciate the taste.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Support D Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food- Review

This is energy-dense cat food, which takes care of your cat’s kidney health especially in adult cats. Moreover, as the cats with kidney disease lose their appetite, this cat food provides nutritional support even in smaller portions.

Along with it, precise antioxidant complex, fatty acids from fish oil, low phosphorus, and targeted protein levels aids proper kidney function.


  • It is a low protein, pea free cat food.
  • Gravy texture with chunks of chicken encourages eating.
  • Choosy felines also approve of it.


  • This kidney support cat food is a little heavy on the pocket.

Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites with Beef & Pumpkin in Gravy Grain-Free Canned Cat Food- Review

 The gravy is loaded with beef and pumpkin and is available in cans that are quite easy to open. The vitamins, amino acids, taurine and minerals are present in the correct amount to promote proper health along with kidney wellbeing.

Besides this, hydration is appropriate around 86% for your lovable cat who is dealing with kidney issues.


  • Grain and gluten free is favourable for easy digestion.
  • Pumpkin, beef, meat, fruits & vegetables make the diet likable for the cats
  • Urinary health is also taken care of.
  • Low phosphorus content.


  • Pieces of chicken are too long.

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet K+M Kidney + Mobility Support Grain-Free Canned Cat Food- Review

If you are looking for natural cat food, then it is a good option. This reduces the workload of the kidney by controlling the level of protein along with minerals, such as phosphorus and sodium.

Moreover, it has vital nutrients such as DHA, glucosamine and chondroitin that makes your feline joint’s healthy and increases mobility.

In addition, the pate texture is relished by the cats. In all it is wholesome cat food for kidney illness.


  • Required amount of protein is there in this canned cat food.
  • Chicken broth has sufficient moisture and beneficial nutrients.
  • It tastes amazing.


  • Pate is highly concentrated which makes it a little difficult to swallow.

Note – Add water before feeding your pet this cat food.

Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d with Chicken Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet is proven to be effective in controlling kidney function and enabling them to work more efficiently. This makes your cat comfortable so that it can enjoy quality time with you.

Generally, the intake of food goes down in cats who face some renal problems so this superior quality product works to raise the proportion of food eaten by cats.

This product is clinically proven and recommended by many satisfied customers.


  • It helps cats to naturally develop lean muscles to elevate their strength.
  • Phosphorus and sodium content is low while omega-3 fatty acids are in good amounts.
  • It works on Enhanced Appetite Trigger (E.A.T.) Technology


  • New formula failed to meet customers’ expectations.

Forza10 Nutraceutic Actiwet Renal Support Wet Cat Food – Review

Kitties with kidney concerns need additional nutritional support and for this Forza10 Nutraceutic Actiwet is great cat food. Common irritants and allergens are excluded from it; this helps cats to easily digest this cat food.

It is suitable for senior cats which have both kidney and heart troubles.


  • Protein, sodium and phosphorus content are as per the level required for ailing cats.
  • The add on cranberry and dandelion make the urinary tract fit.
  •   There are no artificial colours.


  • Consistency is like jelly which few cats dislike. 

Fussie Cat Super Premium Chicken Formula in Gravy Grain-Free Canned Cat Food – Review

Fussie Cat Super Premium Chicken Formula is a balanced food that has boneless chicken as the main ingredient. Besides dealing with kidney difficulties, it also supports skin and coat health to keep your cat’s fur soft and healthy.

The flavours are premium which will make your cuddlesome friend go crazy and will enhance life expectancy.


  • Saturated fat is low while vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and phosphorus are high.
  • Good quantity of omega-3 and 6 essential amino acids.
  • It is an affordable diet.


  • Meat is stingy.
  • Broth is quite watery.

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels with Chicken & Chicken Liver in Savory Sauce Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Pouches- Review

For the comfort of your ill cat who is struggling with kidney problems, treat your cat with Wellness healthy indulgence morsels with chicken & chicken liver.

It has the correct amount required to make your cat agile and playful for the whole day. Your cat will happily indulge in this cat food because of the scrumptious sauce available in grain-free wet cat food pouches.


  • Includes antioxidants from fruits like cranberries and blueberries, wholesome veggies.
  • Taurine presence promotes eyes and heart health.
  • It is zero gluten, wheat, soy cat food with great moisture value.


  • Sometimes the product smells awful.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Tender Tuna Dinner Canned Cat Food- Review

Hill’s Science Diet promotes the delighted survival of your cute partner. Healthy organs are encouraged along with proper digestion through absolute nourishing cat food.

All the ingredients are tried and tested for purity as well as the content. Tuna chunks make the dish palate.

In addition, it addresses all the medical concerns related to the kidney so you can go for this diet for your unfit cat to make its living condition better.


  • The added ingredients sustain a steady weight of cats.
  • Phosphorus is present in moderate amounts.


  • Chunks are of little big size which needs to be more tender.

Only natural pet grain-free pate canned wet cat food – chicken & egg dinner- Review

This is a premium cat food that is proven to be fruitful in solving renal problems. It is holistically formulated grain and gluten-free pate texture cat food.

In addition to being a cat food for taking care of kidney damage, it is also good for cats who have sensitive stomachs and also for cats who frequently throw up after eating food.


  • Iodine mass is little to support your cat’s thyroid gland.
  • There are no potatoes or tapioca
  • New Zealand mussels aid in satisfactory health.
  • Chondroitin to support joint health.


  • Less customers experience

Tiki cat after dark grain free canned cat food chicken- review

Tiki cat food is made of real meat; in it broth includes shredded chicken with no grain or potatoes. Hence this can be also fed to cats with diabetes and tackle kidney problems.

Recently the formula has been upgraded to make it more appealing to your pet friend. Chicken content has been raised by 10% while minerals and vitamins have undergone some alterations as per the nutritionist’s suggestions.


  • Carbohydrate percentage is marginal which comes from few ingredients; however no carbs are added to it.
  • Helps in weight loss of cats which results in energetic cats.
  • It is well hydrated.


  • Sometimes products are delivered in poor condition like meat that is rotten.

Whiskas Kitten (2-12 months) Wet Cat Food For Kidney Disease – Review

Whiskas chicken in gravy formula is appropriate for kittens as well as adult cats. Some cats love it as a treat. It is a suitable source of nourishment with adequate moisture.

There is a correct blend of loads of calcium, phosphorus, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which is required for the proper functioning of the immune system.

However, few cats experienced diarrhoea and vomiting after consuming this Whiskas wet cat food. 


  • Optimal balance of vitamins and minerals.
  • Price is good.
  • Cats appreciate the taste


  • It has some artificial filler.
  • The packaging is not satisfactory.

Meat Up Cat Adult Kidney Care – Review

The cat food is crafted to take care of adult cats with medical concerns related to the kidney along with urinary pH. To facilitate complete absorption and digestion specific ingredients are included in this cat food.

Organic minerals with essential ingredients make this diet unique. It also contributes towards the beautiful and lustrous coat of your furry pal.


  • Prebiotic and probiotics protect from hairball formation and improve the digestive system
  • Taurine promotes a healthy heart.
  • The product is on budget.


  • Taste is a concern as most of the cats take time to develop the taste.


Q. How do low phosphorus and sodium cat food help in controlling kidney problems?

Limiting the intake of phosphorus halts the progression of chronic kidney diseases among cats. It also serves to reduce the effects of renal (kidney) secondary hyperparathyroidism. The recommended range is 0.3-0.6%. This can be achieved by lowering protein content too in diets so that kidneys do not need to work more.
While sodium is mildly restricted to help kidney function easily. This also aids in the optimum blood pressure in cats.

Can low intake of water be one reason for kidney diseases?

Yes, it is one of the major factors. When cats are fed a lot of dry food but don’t drink enough water, then this increases the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD). To avoid this increase the water intake of your cat.

Is it medically possible to reverse kidney failure?

If kidney disease is chronic then there is no possible cure. However, acute renal failure can often be reversed if caught in time.
Besides that, you can cease the progress of the disease with some alterations in diet and proper medication to make their life better.

Q. What should be the nutritional content of ideal renal cat food?

It is essential to have an appropriate formulation for your cat. Food portion calculation is required to have a normal cat. Below is the suggested quantity of key components on a dry matter basis:

Protein    28 – 35%
Phosphorus0.3 – 0.6%
Omega-3 fatty acids0.4 – 2.5%

Q. What are the common symptoms of renal/ kidney trouble in cats?

The cats with kidney diseases may experience the escalation of the waste products as it is controlled by kidneys in proper state. The cats may appear lethargic and are not very active during the day. The other visible symptoms are:-

  • Weakness.
  • Weight loss.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Depression.
  • Bad breath.
  • Diarrhoea (may contain blood)
  • Vomiting (may contain blood)
  • Dehydration.

The build-up of toxins in the blood can also lead to a depressed cat or even more severe neurologic signs such as seizures, circling, or head pressing. Some cats can also die from these toxic build-ups.

Q. What are the major reasons for kidney diseases? 

It can happen in cats of all ages and there are a plethora of reasons like:-

  • Dehydration is the biggest cause as it leads to accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • Consumption of toxic substances like antifreeze, toxic plants like lilies, pesticides, cleaning fluids, and certain human medications are highly poisonous to your cat’s kidneys.
  • Bacterial infection also results in kidney diseases.
  • Protein problem, where there is deposition of protein which replaces normal tissue.

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