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Tons of cat food are recalled every year, but we know our cat’s favorite brand. Are you here to learn the Authority cat food recall history, which did in recent years. We will cover why Authority cat food went out of business due to recalls or why customers trust this brand.  

If you ask a question from us, has authority cat food ever been recalled? The answer is yes; Authority brand recalled due to Melamine in their foods. According to FDA reports, Authority Adult Sliced Chicken in Sauce for Cats, Adult Sliced Ocean Fish for Cats, and other dogs and puppy recipes were recalled. 

As A Owner, it’s now easy to face complaints, discontinued, or recall news of cat foods that we feed our cats. 

Is Authority Cat Food Being Discontinued?

Authority Cat Food Recall

Yes, Authority Indoor Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Dry Cat Food is no longer available in selling stores. It doesn’t mean the brand goes out of business; the Authority brand makes more recipes for cats made from natural ingredients. 

Authority brand manufacturing more recipes for cats and kittens. It is not discontinued or the brand out of business; it is a PetSmart product, and you can choose one of the recipes for your cat on its website. 

The Discontinued not for all online selling stores, Authority cat food available on If you are from the United States, then it’s easy for you to buy. 

Authority Cat Food Recall 2020

No, recalls on Authority cat foods did in 2020. The company claims they offer a high-quality diet for both cats and dogs and sourced ingredients from the USA, not China. 

We don’t worry about the Authority pet food recipe; check the label that your cat likes most and feed them. 

Authority Cat Food Recall 2021 & 2022

Many cat owners want to know about the Authority recall in 2021, but we tell you that it wasn’t recalled last year. The brand receives thousands of customers’ positive feedback and is part of the cat diet. 

The Authority brand makes a few recipes for dogs, puppies, and cats. The brand claims they use natural and fresh ingredients in their foods sourced from top farms in usa. 

AUTHORITY cat food is made without artificial colors and flavors, which impacts cats’ health badly. 

List Of Authority Cat Foods That Won’t Recall 

NameRecall Report
Authority Flaked Entree in Gravy Adult Wet Cat FoodNo
Authority Indoor Adult Cat Food – Chicken & RiceNo
Authority® Hairball Control & Healthy Weight Adult Cat Food – Chicken & RiceNo
Authority All Life Stages Cat Food – Chicken, Rice & TurkeyNo
Authority® Sensitive Stomach and Skin All Life Stages Cat Food – Turkey & RiceNo

These all Authority pet foods are recall-free; choose one of them if your cat wants delicious taste and flavors. Also, customers’ reviews are excellent on our mentioned Authority food for cats. 

Causes Of Recalls 

It’s very obvious that many foods are recalled due to specific issues. Here we mentioned some of them: 

  • Poor Packing
  • Melamine
  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Processed ingredients 
  • Contain with grain 
  • Contain with sugar 

Cats are obligate carnivores, so they need fresh meat that is easily digestible. Also, feeding too much human food to cats causes health problems that lead to immediate medical care. 

So, it is better to avoid recalled or human foods to cats. Feed them Authority cat foods if your cats love it. It was never recalled after 2007, and the company was well known about where to collect fresh and natural ingredients they used in their products. 

How Do We Know Recalled Cat Food Good or Bad?

Many things consider a better decision to get a recalled free cat food. 

Before buying cat foods like Authority, you can check the label and understand the ingredients they used.

The Authority brand contains and claims natural ingredients in their products, then pick your favorite flavors such as chicken, pork, tuna fish, or beef. 

After reviewing its products and using them independently, we recommend this product to your cart. Its wet recipe contains more protein that is good for cats’ strength and daily activities. Also, Authority products are suitable for cat hairballs.