Aldi Cat Litter Review (2022): Is It Good For Cats?

Aldi cat litter review summary – Owning a cat may be an expensive undertaking, among vet visits, grooming, and in particular meals. Plus, a few cats are very picky on what sort of food they like, and you grow to be having to provide them some different options earlier than they find one they’ll design to consume.

Aldi makes grocery searching for humans a straightforward, inexpensive experience; however, the German retailer also sells a few cat and kitten food varieties that would interest the budget-driven.

Aldi is one of the quickest growing grocery shops in the United States of America. It began from Germany and different elements of Europe; Aldi now has approximately 7,600 shops worldwide. Aldi has their in-store logo known as Heart to Tail about their pet food products.

Does Aldi have good cat litter?

Aldi Cat Litter Review

Aldi has a small selection of pet products composed typically of cat and dog meals.

To make it easier for you to understand the products which Aldi provides as a cat litter, here are some reviews of those two specific cat litters.

Aldi Fine Feline Scoopable Cat Litter Review

Aldi cat litter is advertised as being all-natural with baking soda, with fragrance added, and “neutralizes scent immediately.” It claims to have a sparkling heady scent, use a multi-cat system, and be 99 % dirt-free (more significant on the dust loose element later). The ingredients are bentonite (for herbal, safe clumping), baking soda, and fragrance.

After a few tries, we noticed that this litter doesn’t do a great job of neutralizing the odor. However, this litter is much heavier in weight and denser; it forms good clumps, but we have to scoop more to remove the excess.

Another setback of Feline Cat litter is that it is not dust–free. We noticed many dust clouds forming while moving the litter and while filling up the litter too.

To use this litter, all you have to do is scoop out all the litter from the tray and add the crystals back to the tray; it should be 3 inches deep to clump up the liquid waste.


  • Heavy and easy to scoop.
  • Made with natural ingredients.


  • It is not dust–free.
  • Doesn’t prevent odor very well.

Aldi Heart to tail scooping cat litter Review

This litter is somewhat similar to feline cat litter, and it’s offered in a 14-pound plastic jug, so it’s the identical length as the formerly presented fine Feline cat litter. The components are natural clay, baking soda, and fragrances made in Canada.

The jug advertises that this clutter functions “moisture-activated clumping” and is “scoopable to keep the muddle container clean.” It also “contains baking soda for superior absorption and deodorizing.”

This new coronary heart-to-tail method continues to be dusty, even though perhaps barely much less so than the antique best tomcat litter. The coronary heart Tail litter also still gets stinky from time to time, even though once more, it’s far, possibly barely much less intense than the vintage exceptional feline formula.

The heart to Tail litter nonetheless feels very dense and heavy when I scoop it, much like the old quality tom cat clutter. My slotted scooper doesn’t circulate through the mess without problems because it does through Tidy Cats. I additionally observed liquid waste didn’t constantly clump as correctly with the brand-new heart-to-tail litter, from time to time, leaving sticky, wet clumps.

So general, the brand-new heart-to-tail Scoopable Cat litter is marginally higher than its first-class tom cat predecessor in phrases of dirt and smell manipulate.

If you are a first-time user of the heart-to-tail litter, all you have to do is empty the litter and fill it up with the crystals. You might need 2 to 3 jugs depending on what size of tray you have; it should be at least 3 to 4 inches deep so that it will easily clump up the liquid waste.


  • Made with Natural ingredients.
  • It is more dense and heavy.


  • Doesn’t clump up well
  • It is more sticky and makes more mess.

Adli cat litter price

Local Aldi cat litter sells $4 for 14 pounds of a plastic jug, which means 28 cents for one pound, a decent price range for this kind of cat litter.

A 40 lb container or bag of clumping cat litter has a mean cost of $17.05. The approved amount of cat litter to pour into a muddle tray is 3 inches, and the same old size of a cat clutter container is commonly around 18 x 24″.

Sourcing and manufacturing

Aldi cat food, manufactures and sells its products by itself. Their wet cat food products are manufactured in Canada, while their dry cat food products are manufactured in the U.S.

Right now, we don’t have any more information about the sourcing and manufacturing of Aldi Cat Litters. We know that two different ranges are manufactured in two other locations.

Where to buy Aldi cat litter?

You can find Aldi products in their Aldi stores in the city and through Instacart and Amazon or any other pet care supplying online shops.

Customer reviews:

There are so many customer reviews, mainly the negative ones. People are cursing that this product is not the same as before and is getting very frustrated. People have claimed that the product used to last up to 14 days, but now it doesn’t, and it lasts only 8 to 9 days max.

Some people compare some expensive litters with this one, claiming that this product works better than the expensive ones and clumps very well, which is okay if you have one cat. But for people with two or more cats, it might get difficult for you.

Conclusion – Is Aldi Good Litter For cats?

Well, if you’re looking for an affordable litter on the go, then Aldi litter is for you. But keep in mind that this litter has two different yet similar variants.

One variant has dust problems and also doesn’t prevent odor very well. The other variant is somewhat similar to the first one but has lesser odor problems and more secondary dust problems. Still, the liquid waste doesn’t clump well and is messy.

Even though there have been some improvements in the second variant, it is still not the best in the market. There are plenty of different litters that will do better than these variants.

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