Advance Cat Food Review: Recall, Ingredients, Price, and Coupons

Advance Cat Food Review

No doubt, there are many cat food brands available in the pet food market, and it is consistently growing. Also, cat food companies are adapting new changes in their cat food to become dynamic and competitive. In our Advance cat food review, we will shed more light on company, ingredients, recall, price, and more.

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Leopard Gecko Feeding

Advance cat food is the most reputed cat food brand with affordable prices when choosing the best cat food in Australia for your lovely cat. Advance cat food aims to make cat food that fulfills pet needs. Their cat food is formulated side to side, leading scientific and veterinarian experts to precise the required nutrition to maintain optimal health of a cat.

Moreover, Advance follows strict processes that ensure the consistent quality of all foods and regions. There are many things to learn about Advance cat food. So we have put all the information in this article that we learned during the research. Also, we tried to resolve all the queries of our readers related to advance brands through a comprehensive, advanced cat food review.

About Advance Brand

Advance Cat Food Review

The Advance pet food brand is a famous brand in Australia that meets the special dietary needs of Australian pets. The climate of Australia is warm and temperate, making it the driest inhabitant continent, resulting in different nutritional needs of Australian pets.

Advance with expert pet nutrition, understand this unique need of Australian pets, and formulate nutrition solutions to meet growth and development. Advance brand logo is to make the world better for pets.
Advance brand has been developed with Waltham Petcare Science institute. Waltham is a well-known world-leading authority for pet care and nutrition.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

Advance pet food company produces a wide range of food for cats and dogs. Advance cat foods are produced by an Advance pet food company, while Mars Petcare handles manufacturing. The Mars Company has been producing pet foods in Australia for 45 years, and all the formulas of Advance cat food are prepared only in Australia.

However, Advance Company is not very transparent about sourcing its ingredients, and we found that the ingredients are sourced worldwide. Also, Advance cat food recipes were developed by Waltham center, which is situated in the United Kingdom. Together these companies create the most delicious super premium pet food in Australia.

Advance Cat Food Ingredients

The core ingredients used for meat sources are chicken, turkey, chicken digest, chicken tallow, poultry, and tuna. Mostly used meat used in the recipes consists of the meal. However, no such meat by-product is included in the Advance cat food. In addition to, salmon and tuna are included in some of their cat food recipes. However, protein sources are not the best, but all recipes are pretty healthy for cats.

Unfortunately, Advance cat food recipes are primarily corn-based. Since cats are obligate carnivorous, it might be concerning about cats’ health. Mainly used corn-based ingredients are maize and rice, considered digestible by cats, and they are also a great source of carbohydrates.

Moreover, recipes consist of multiple fiber-based supplements, which can be seen in the ingredient list, such as tomato powder, slippery elm bark, and psyllium husk. However, these ingredients don’tdon’t provide crude fiber value, which is fairly high for cats.

As for the source of fat, Advance cat food recipes use animal-based fat instead of sunflower, unlike other brands. It is not a bad ingredient, but the sunflower is not biologically valuable for cats. Other components are used plant extracts and supplements for vitamins and minerals. Also, there are unnamed preservatives added to the recipes.

Advance Cat Food Recall

Through the recall history of any pet food brand, it becomes easy to guess the consistent quality of any pet food company. Many pet food companies have already been included in recalled brands, and some of them are recalled more than once.

Fortunately, while checking the FDA pet food recall website, Advance cat food is not found. It seems that Advance has never been involved in any recall. However, always make sure to check the FDA pet food recall list so that you stay updated on the latest recall information.

Is Advance cat food safe for cats?

All recipes of Advance cat food meet the AAFCO nutritional requirement. Also, at first glance, the protein and fat values of the products are well balanced in the preferred range. However, the recipes are heavily corn-based, including corn gluten and meals. Due to added plant extract, the Advance cat food is likely to be unsuitable for cats.

Since cats are obligate carnivorous, high grain cat food can be harmful to the cat’s digestion and health. Also, if your cat is on a special diet, better to avoid this food product. However, there are no such complaints noted against Advance cat food. Also, advance cat foods are highly palatable for cats which shows their quality.

Moreover, the recipes are scientifically formulated with a leading authority and proven to deliver noticeable results in healthy teeth, a more robust immune system, and better stool quality.

Advance Cat Food Coupons

Pet food companies offer coupons frequently for new customers, and these are all to promote their brands. However, using a coupon is best to save some penny. We also make sure to use coupons to buy cat food.

Don’t worry; we are not selfish. We will be happy to share coupons with our consistent readers. Sometimes we get coupons of 50% off through promoting their brand on our website. If you are searching for Advance cat food coupons, you are in the right place.

We will let you know when we get it as soon as possible through our newsletter. Don’tDon’t forget to subscribe to get monthly coupons from us.

Advance Cat Food Customer Reviews

Advance Cat Food Review

Customer experience regarding the Advance cat food brand seems to be mixed. However, most consumers are in favor of advance cat food. But some are against advance cat food since recipes are corn-based, and they can’tcan’t ignore it.

We also noticed that their customers exist from the Australian regions since they don’tdon’t produce their food outside of Australia. Since there are not many reviews available on sites, it is somewhat disturbing. However, one-third appreciate the taste and quality of advance cat food.

Advance Cat Food Pricing

There is a wide range of advanced cat foods available for Australian pets. Some recipes are super-premium specially designed to meet the nutritional requirements of Australian cats.

As for the pricing of Advance cat food, the products are budget-friendly. The wet cat food comes in trays, and one tray of 7x 85g will cost you $9, and it is affordable than other brands. As being said, Advance dry cat food will cost $32 per 3kg of the pack.

Where can I buy Advance cat food?

You may expect to find this brand on Amazon and Chewy. But we were unable to find it there. For your information, advance cat food is available only in Australia. So there are only a few stores where you can buy this food.

You can buy it from their official website that is advancement. Also, Pet circle and My pet warehouse are good options to purchase Advance cat food, and we recommended them because they are trusted to buy natural products.

Is Advance a good food for kittens?

Advance cat foods are highly palatable and are made with premium ingredients. Also, they provide specially made recipes for kittens which vets strongly recommend since they are a complete and well-balanced diet for kittens.

Is advance cat food grain-free?

As per the ingredient list, advance cat foods are primarily based on rice and maize, and also, there is gluten added and plant extracted ingredients. It seems that advance cat foods are not grain-free, and however, the recipes are safe for cats.


To sum up, Advance cat food provides an extensive range of varieties of cat food, and some cat foods are super-premium. One thing that can’tcan’t be ignored is that recipes are corn-based. However, the cat food recipes are healthy and high palatable. Advance cat food is specially designed for Australian inhabitants and meets AAFCO standards.

Hope this article is helpful and comprehensive for you. If there is anything you don’tdon’t like, please let us know through comment.

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