Activyl For Cats Discontinued (2022) – Is It Out Of Stock?

Activyl For Cats discontinued

This flea treatment is a once-a-month topical for cats and kittens 8 weeks or older and over nine pounds.
Activyl works using breaking the flea cycle. It is encouraged that you treat your fur babies monthly for the most efficient management and prevention of fleas, and Activyl makes it smooth with their clean applicator. Is Activyl For Cats Being Discontinued?

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After eight hours of application, this remedy kills fleas, a month-to-month flea remedy that stops and protects integrated infestations and starts by killing them in 8 hours.


  • Kills fleas for up to 1 month so that you don’t have to worry about it every day.
  • Smooth to apply the topical remedy for your cat for eight weeks of age or older this is over nine kilos, plus it’s water-proof.
  • Breaks the flea cycle, no biting is required, plus the quick-drying remedy goes away with no significant odor or fragrance.


  • Only for external use on cats and kittens. Do not use kittens below eight weeks of age and weigh much less than 2 lbs. Do not use cats (male or lady) for breeding, pregnancy or nursing.
  • Fleas upward thrust to the top of your pet’s coat as they die, so consider it a triumph in case you begin seeing extra fleas before everything, after treating your pet.
  • If you nevertheless see fleas after application, it could be because your pet has picked up new fleas from the surroundings, which can also encompass different pets, surfaces and outside areas.
  • It can soak up to 30 days to interrupt the whole flea life cycle. Additionally, it would help if you also dealt with new fleas assets (i.e., carpet, yard, and so on.) to ensure complete flea management.

Is Activyl for cats discontinued?

The manufacturer has discontinued this product. We don’t know the exact reason behind this, but we’re sure that it is currently discontinued.

We will update you if we get any other information regarding this.

How much time does Activyl take to work? Activyl rapidly impacts fleas following touch or ingestion, resulting first in cessation of flea feeding and then causing paralysis and demise. Controlled exams display that 90% of fleas are killed inside 12 hours of software, and newly arriving fleas are killed within 8-12 hours for an entire month.

Is Activyl Good for cats?

It effectively kills fleas and growing stages of fleas and is over-the-counter for cats. It can provide 4 weeks of efficacy towards person fleas at the pet and developing stages of flea’s over-the-counter pet’s surroundings. Cats and dogs nicely tolerate it.

Do you need a prescription for Activyl?

Activyl Tick Plus pet medicines are prescription and drug treatments for dogs, cats, and different animals. They deal with animal-only situations and people located in people and come in forms and dosages, especially pets. Examine your cat’s medicines.


Activyl For Cats discontinued 2022

The main ingredient of this product is Indoxacarb. It is an oxadiazine pesticide advanced by DuPont that opposes lepidopteron larvae. It’s far marketed underneath Indoxacarb Technical Insecticide, Steward Insecticide and Avaunt Insecticide.

It’s also used because of the lively ingredient within the Syngenta line of industrial insecticides: Advion and Arilon. Indoxacarb is special via the EPA as a “reduced-hazard” pesticide and is considered an organophosphate (OP) alternative.

It has slight to low acute and chronic toxicity and does not cause mutagenic, carcinogenic, developmental, or reproductive consequences. Some neurotoxicity became a gift, but regularly at fatal doses.

How does Activyl work to kill fleas?

By preventing flea eggs and larvae over-the-counter to killing person fleas, Activyl breaks over the counter life cycle. This is effective at both killing and stopping infestations.

Side Effects:

We haven’t found any significant side effects of this product, but still, any pesticide can cause some sensitivity. This sensitivity usually varies from one person to another or an animal. Symptoms of toxicity from flea merchandise containing organophosphates are diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty respiration, small pupils, muscle tremor, weak spot or falling over, and drooling.


Many customers complained that this product didn’t work, and many cats also reacted using Activyl.
People have been saying that their vets don’t recommend this product, and some have also said that their cats still had fleas even after using it for a month.

Cats started to scratch themselves, and because of that, they started losing fur and having bald stops. Some had red, inflamed skin.

Final words

Flea control is vital to maintaining precise puppy fitness, as fleas can reason anemia and allergic dermatitis and transmit bacteria and different parasites to dogs and cats. The success or failure of products for flea control depends on a product’s ability to suppress flea reproduction during the treatment period. A single female flea can lay up to 50 eggs consistent with the day.

ACTIVE has been shown to kill fleas earlier than they lay eggs for an entire month and past,2 which means the product more efficiently managed flea reproduction. As a result, there have been extensively fewer fleas in homes wherein pets had been handled with ACTIVYL,” said Dr. Heaney. “This also supposed a discount in emerging flea populations.

We’re excited about the findings from this. Have a look at it, and it reinforces our self-belief inside the overall performance of ACTIVYL.”

Thirty- dogs and 3 cats with natural flea infestations residing in 18 houses were treated topically with 19.53% spot-on components of Indoxacarb.

Every other 30 puppies and cats residing in 19 exceptional homes were dealt with topically with both fipronil (9.8% w/w)/(s)-methoprene (8.89% w/w) or fipronil (9.8% w/w)/(s)-methoprene (11.8% w/w), respectively.

Houses were randomly assigned to remedy. All merchandise was carried out according to label directions by having a look at investigators on day 0 and once more among days 28 and 30.

Flea populations on pets had been assessed the usage of visible location counts, and premise flea infestations have assessed the use of intermittent-mild flea traps on days 0, 7, 14, 21, 28–30, 40–45, and 54–60.

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